What is this life, if full of care


Can you see the down-pouring rain?!

When was the last time that you stopped? Stopped and gave yourself time and space to think?

This morning I woke up, grabbed my iPhone and jotted down a long list of things to do. On the drive home from a rather flustered morning in Windsor crossing off items from the list one by one, the heavens opened. I found myself wishing I owned a car that could brave the elements with more dignity than Helen, my little 1.1, could muster. I rushed home, put a load of laundry on, and sat down at the dining room table intent on bashing out my emails, VAT return, invoices, meeting agendas and ideas for business pitches. However, my thoughts were drowned out by both the sound of the rain and Bon Iver, who started charming me with his ways upon the opening of my laptop.

I stopped.

I stopped, stared out of the window, and realised that I was breathing.

It is a funny feeling when you remember that you are living. I became aware of the weight of the week on my shoulders. I thought of the people I care about and what they were doing in that moment – travelling, grieving, working, preparing for marriage. I stopped, thought of them, and listened to this song.

All of a sudden, the world made a bit more sense again.