The Humble Laundry Basket

Airing my dirty laundry in public…

What object symbolises stability for you?

My mother gave me a cute, white laundry bag with washing symbols on as a gift when I went off to university in 2006. Since then, I have lived in halls of residence, lived with a family, had a couple of rented flats, sublet from friends, and on one occasion stored half of my belongings under my desk at work whilst transitioning from sofa to spare room. The benefits of a laundry bag over this time have been its compactness, its squishability, and its ability to be transported from halls of residence to laundrette to parents’ house with the greatest of ease.

Stability can be embodied by bricks and mortar, a ring, nine to fives with a health care plan, relationships, routines, family or familiarity. Me? I long for a solid, old-fashioned wicker laundry basket. Nothing speaks to me of stability more than a slightly awkwardly placed but very permanent hamper; one of the most humble and homely objects that I can think of.


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