Now is a Good Time

Now, I don’t usually make a point of commenting on adverts… OK, who am I kidding? As my charity shop bag full of never-worn clothes dictates, I am extremely susceptible to advertising… However, I am loving the collaboration between Magners and poet Murray Lachlan Young for the Magner’s new ad: Now is a Good Time. Being a forward thinking, future-dwelling soul, this poem really got me thinking and has got me in the mood for a summer enjoying the ‘now’ – check it out:

When yesterday’s gone and tomorrow is near
Why look for a thing when it’s already here?
And tell me you never once asked yourself how
Some people end up in the middle of the now.

Now is the beat of the feet on the floor
Now is the then we were all waiting for
It’s the strike of the luck
It’s the go with the flow
It’s the sharing the love with the people we know.

See a wise fool once said kind of out of the blue
That life is a dream that’s already come true.
It’s the less of the what, of the where and the how
It’s more of the you, of the me and the now.