Blogger’s Block

Apologies for the radio silence. I have been suffering from blogger’s block. Funny thing: when you teach social media, there’s an immediate pressure on you, the teacher, leader, inspirer, to be exemplary in all of your online activities.

The truth?

After a week of teaching blogging, the last thing I want to do is to write a post. I give away all of my good ideas to my students and I am left with Instagrams of my lunch and a rating of one of the twenty-nine coffee shops Guildford has to entice you with. Twenty-nine coffee shops and not one of them is open past 7pm. That’s been one of the downsides of moving from the city to the sticks. Well, as stick-y as a major university town can be… No late night coffee shops to take my Mac down to and late-night blog, accompanied by fellow start-uppers, a chai latte and Train on repeat. I tried taking my laptop down to a local pub past 8pm and asking for a latte. I felt like a plank. Thus, my blogging has suffered.

I need to find a new blogging rhythm. Ideas welcome.