We build walls to keep others out. We are afraid to let people in because people hurt us. People play games. People are selfish. People leave.

The tragedy is that although the walls protect us from the badness, they also prevent the goodness. The good people who won’t hurt you. Who won’t play games with your heart. Who aren’t selfish. Who won’t leave. Who will love you.

Take Henry the train. He was afraid that a few drops of rain would ruin his green paint and red stripes, so he hid in a tunnel.  Thomas tried with all his might to push him out, but Henry wouldn’t budge. Therefore, the Fat Controller decided to leave him there to teach him a lesson. They built a wall in front of him and all he could do was watch trains go by.  Despite his attempted self-preservation, the soot from the tunnel ruined his green paint and red stripes anyway.

We spend so much of our lives afraid of the rain; the heartache, the pain, the vulnerability. We isolate ourselves in the safety of the darkness: the safety of what we know; patterns we have established; circumstance that we have grown complacent with; our passions are pacified and we are in control. However, we end up in a darker and much more damaging place than we first imagined. We get stuck.

When Henry was finally released, he teamed up with Edward to push the heavy carriages that Gordon couldn’t push alone. Henry and Edward were stronger together. “We’ve done it together, we’ve done it together” they exclaimed. He got a new coat of paint in the end.

The point of this bizarre blog? When we are in relationship with others, we can achieve. We fulfil our original purpose. We are happier together. Sometimes we need to let others pull us out of the safety of the darkness and lead us in to the freedom of the light. Sometimes we just need to dance in the rain.

No one can push you; you need to be ready to let someone push you out of your comfort zone to achieve all that you were designed to achieve.

The question is: are you ready to let that happen? Are you ready to let someone in? It might just be the best thing that you decided to do, and you might just get that brand new coat of paint that you always wanted.


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